Tuesday, 26 June 2012

African flowers

I'm loving doing my hexagons and posting a pic on instagram each day. 

37 hexagons done, maybe around 15 more to go. The challenge will be joining them all into a square pillow shape. I've sort of worked out in my head how to go about it, hopefully it's as easy as I think it will be!

I'm linking in with Gingerbread Girls one-a-day meme and the lovely one-a-day projects. Cheerio!


  1. AH, Lori, the blue & green one! I love these AF's. Never seen it in a cushion before, that should be nice. I just my one One-a Day, about an African Flower CAL that's almost done, have a look.

  2. African Flowers, I could make them all day! Love them.

  3. I love your beautiful flowers! I can´t wait to see more of it!

  4. those colours are just beautiful. I love instagram too!

  5. Oooh I love African flowers. You have just reminded me that I was going to make another bag with them. I must get started on that soon. Love love love the green one up there. It really stood out in my reader. Hugs xox


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