Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Busy days

My time away from blogland has been busy, busy...

My main focus has been preparing and helping my 4 year old go to school. I really wanted to focus all my energies on her first few weeks of school - the school uniform, the haircut, the new white socks, new school books and stationary, the school bag, the healthy lunch box and tinkerbell drink bottle, the art smock made from dad's old work shirt.

It's been a real adjustment for my hubby and I - rearranging our work schedules to fit around her school times - with my hubby and I dropping her off on different days, grandma picking her up on some days, after school care, before school care, change of work hours...phew!

My daughter is loving school, and loving the days she goes to afterschool care. It makes me very happy and quite pleased with myself that everything I am doing to help her make the transition to school is working.  It helps too that her school and prep teacher are just fantastic.

Meanwhile I have still been busy on the crafting front.

My granny blanket has made some progress, and I've now started joining them together, using the join as you go method.  My plan is to make this granny blanket for my bed.

I'm still unsure about the whole blocking thing.  The previous blankets I've made did not really need it - one was acrylic yarn, and the other was made with this same Vera Moda 8ply yarn.

I really need to investigate options for blocking. My idea is to get a large cork board and block large squares of these as I join them together. In the past I've used a towel or a piece of cardboard, but this time I really need something a bit more user friendly.

Have you used a cork board before?
Or do you use something else... foam mats, or just a towel?

The pattern for these grannies is from here and I've ravelled here.

Some lovely bloggers have recently given me an award, which I'm pretty chuffed about. I'm still a newbie to the whole blogging thing and I'm loving being connected to other crafty ladies around the world. So thank you for the award! I'll be back with more on the award once I've settled back into my blogging. Cheerio!