Sunday, 17 June 2012

New wool and vintage fabric

I've been feeling stretched and squeezed by all my committments - family, work and my uni study - and have felt unable to do as much crafting as I would like. But that's now least for a few months. Yesterday involved doing my last exam for the semester, and a quick trip to my favourite yarn shop (Morris & Sons). I can now embark on a new project, clear of any study guilt (or not studying guilt!).

I deserved a little treat, and bought two balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerio yarn and some new circular knitting needles. The yarn is the most scrumptious thing - so soft, and knits beautifully. It's just unfortunate that it's so pricey.

My new project is from Molliemakes, a cowl pattern by Quince and Co.

I've been quite happy knitting away with lovely yarn and lovely needles.

I've also been planning my next sewing project. I've been sooo wanting to do a project with my slowly growing stash of vintage fabrics.

And my new lap top is really needing its own little home. A little tote bag. I'm still tossing up about which fabric to go with - and whether to make the whole thing with vintage retro colours, or have a neutral colour with only parts of it with the vintage fabric.

The tote bag is from this book...

It has some cute projects - none of which I've done yet. It is one of the many craft books that I have that give me inspiration, but I don't actually make anything from them! Well, for this little book, that's about to change.

What about you - do you have craft books sitting on your shelves unused?


  1. its great when you finish coursework and can get on with some lovely crafting! I have the same issue too and unfortunately my crafting is the first thing to be left when I'm studying.
    You enjoy your lovely treat of yarn and knitting :) you deserve it.

  2. The cowl is looking lovely. I am drooling over the yarn, it looks so soft and squishy. I also have a gazillion projects I would love to make in just as many books that sit on the shelf unused. I do look at them though, does that count? The fabric all looks lovely too. Can't wait to see which ones you choose for your laptop bag.


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