Sunday, 1 July 2012

Johnson and vintage embroidery

My week of visiting op shops was not too fortuitous, but I did find some lovely johnson cups and saucers. I'm loving the orange saucers especially. My collection has really reached a point where I'm going to have to show some discretion about what I grab. A hard ask as I find it very hard to leave behind any johnson crockery, especially the beautiful retro ones. I do have the excuse that I'm on the look out for johnson plates for an instagram friend so am grabbing some stuff for her too.

My weekend has been busy with the usual stuff - housecleaning, kiddie games and a bit of dog walking. As well as the usual crafting. I've continued to do my one-a-day crochet project of african hexagon flowers.

Today I pulled out one of my vintage embroidery kits and stiched away while snuggled on the couch  watching this movie.

Yes, it's radishes. I've always had a thing for botanical prints.

I found this on ebay quite a while ago (there's plenty more of these type of kits on ebay now if you're on the lookout for one).

What about you...did you spend your weekend out of the rain and cold? What sort of things kept you busy? Or maybe you has some lovely sunshine enticing you outdoors.

I'm linking in with Her Library Adventure's flea market finds. Cheerio!


  1. I find Johnson so very hard to resist when op shopping too! Those cups are wonderful (especially with their orange saucers). I have a small plate with that design on it.

  2. Another one here that finds it very hard to leave behind any Johnson pieces.


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