Sunday, 19 August 2012

Year of projects

A while back I completed one of my projects - in my Year of Projects list. Thought I better post about it before I forget! The list is part of Come-Blog-a-long, a ravelry group where we commit to our projects and share our progress (or lack of) and challenges.

The project was Floral Curtain Tiebacks from Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. I chose this project from my list first as its quick and easy and made me FINALLY put up the curtains in my daughter's room (it's been a year since I painted her room and purchased the bad). The curtains look lovely (a Spotlight purchase) and the tiebacks cute as. Ravelled here.

I'm already planning my next project on my list - and have made a very exciting yarn purchase. I've ended up purchasing the yarn online from Deramores as it would seem no Australian yarn shops stock the range of colours I need. It's a British yarn so not surprising.

I'm hoping my yarn package arrives would be nice to have a new project and new yarn to keep me occupied over the next few weeks.  I've been diagnosed with an illness that will require surgery and 4 weeks off work. So I plan to knit and crochet to my hearts content while recuperating on my couch at home.

I've been keeping myself busy (while waiting for my new yarn) by trying something new - a bit of Intarsia. Have you ever tried it? It's highly addictive. This book has been very helpful in teaching me how.

Cheers. Lori


  1. A lovely tie-back for the curtains! I bet your daughter loves it!
    I have tried intarsia but only in small projects. I'm still working up the courage for one of those multicolour sweaters!

  2. Really love the cute tie backs and I haven't tried Intarsia yet but looks really good. I use Deramores all the time as here in Ireland I find some of the yarn supplies limited.

  3. The tie backs are very cute. I hope you get well soon, and a recovery period filled with knitting and crocheting sounds like it won't be too unbearable :).

  4. I have never tried intarsia, but maybe steps with me and knitting! Love your tie backs, so pretty, it's funny that often the jobs we put off aren't half as bad as we thought when we get around to it!

    Hope your op is quick and straightforward and that you have double quick recovery times.

  5. I love intarsia and other stranded work. Loving your blog banner!

  6. Lovely yop item so sweet.
    I'm just learning to knit and have attempted intarsia it took me ages but looks quite good for a first attempt although I have to say no where near as good as yours!

  7. I adore that curtain tie back! So perfect and cheery for a little girl's room. (She has a lovely view out her window too!) Sorry to hear of your pending surgery--hope it is over and done with quickly and good you for stocking up on project yarn for the recovery. Isn't it funny how many of us wish for yarns from different places then where we live? I would love some yarn from Europe or Australia!
    *smiles and cheer*

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery but you've got a great attitude! More stitching time! LOL! I hope all goes well.
    Your tiebacks are darling! I would have never thought of that but now I can't wait to try it!
    Intarsia...the name alone scares me but that book looks interesting and simpler patterns than I've seen before. Your strawberry is so cute.
    I've ordered from Deramores before and I live in the midwest in the States and they were not any more expensive for a nicer yarn and they were faster than some places here! I was shocked but definitely pleased! I bet you'll get your yarn lickety split!
    Good luck this week and I pray all goes well and you are up an about soon with lots of great stitching accomplished! Take care!

  9. I've not tried intarsia officially-- last year I was trying to make something I could see in my head and managed to re-invent intarsia, very badly, by accident. I was a little traumatized by the experience, and at this point am only attempting stripes...

    I did just finish reading a library book (Essential Guide to Color Knitting, I think) that has me intrigued.

    Hope you recover quickly, and that knitting helps!

  10. I am making some garland, pretty similar to your tiebacks....but the so many choices of colors and patterns..that I havn't gotten farther than choosing the connecting yarn..intasrsia? no thanks..not yet..last time ended badly!

    surgery?..hope all is well!

  11. I had not heard of it but am really intrigued - thanks for sharing a new technique!

  12. The tie back is so cute :)

    Hope you are soon on the mend - I am sure you will get lots achieved during your enforced rest!

  13. Your tie back is adorable! Perfect for a little girls' room!

  14. Those tie backs are so cute, and your intarsia is incredible, especially for a first try. And best of luck with the surgery.

  15. I've done a bit a color work in crochet and I liked the outcome but not all the tangled yarn in the back. Sad to hear of your illness, will be thinking of you and hoping you are well.

  16. The tiebacks are cute. Clever idea and it does add color to the room. Hope you get your yarn soon. Sorry to hear you have to have surgery, but hope you're able to enjoy your knitting time while you recoup.


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