Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A little bit closer

I love that every completed knitting project takes me a little bit closer to being an expert knitter. My speed is improving, and my knowledge of techniques is growing (I've found google to be of great assistance here).

My favourite knitting projects are those by Claire Montgomery, and I've now finished two projects from her book Easy Kids Knits.

Winter has called for some serious scarf knitting. First scarf to be done is for my daughter...

A very simple scarf - just garter stitch with some crochet edging to hold the pockets together. Bendigo Woolen Mills yarn - 12ply. Raveled here. The maroon colour (not my normal colour choice!) is to match her school colours so she can happily wear it at school. And I love the orange contrast colour edging. It's nice and stretchy and wraps quite happily around her neck. She's been very diligent about taking it to and from school. Melbourne weather has gone very very cold, so a warm, loved scarf is timely.

My other project - a v-neck sweater - is also from Easy Kids Knits. It's my first ever knitted sweater - and the first time I've joined together knitted pieces. Its a 'boys' sweater, but I've just made it purple.

I used moda vera 8ply wool. It's very warm, but a bit scratchy. So I don't think I'll use this wool for clothing again. Raveled here.

My next quick knit project is a scarf for Hubby - another simple garter stitch scarf with Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn.

Are you crafting up any winter type clothes? Or maybe you have warmer weather coming? Lucky duck!


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  1. Wow Lori, well done. The sweater looks very professional and I love the colour. I also love the scarf, pocket scarfs seem to really be in fashion these days and are a wonderful idea with the cold weather approaching.

    I am busy making far too many things at once. Almost done with two toddler sweaters, 2 adult sweaters and also about to order yarn for a long crocheted coat for one of my girls. So yes very busy. :-)

    I am a great fan of the Bendigo yarns, so soft and lovely. I am going to try the new Serenade for the coat. It feels really soft.


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