Wednesday, 20 June 2012

One a day crochet

I'm going to play along with the One-A-Day meme at Gingerbread Girl. I'm so pleased Carole is back hosting this linkup, as I've really missed it. I've missed having something to give me a bit of focus and motivation, and I've missed catching up with all the lovely bloggers on their one-a-day projects.

The idea of one-a-day is to do one piece of the project each day - so that by the end of the week you will have seven componants done - 7 granny squares or 7 stripes.  I've gone through my craft basket and pulled out an unfinished project - one of my previous one-a-day projects that was never finished. Ravelry very unkindly remined me that I started it in April 2011 - which is a bit tragic!

It's my African Flower Hexagon pillow. Since my last post on this project it's grown by three hexagons. 

21 Hexagons
Pattern from here.
Ravelled here.
Yarn is mostly acrylic 8ply.
Joining method from here.

Pop on over to Gingerbread Girls blog and have a look see at all the other lovely projects going on. I'm off there now. Cheerio.


  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. The colours are positively popping out of the screen at me! :-)

  2. This is gorgeous, I love your placement of colours.


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