Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lost but not found

I'm a bit sad today.  Last night, I went to pull out my WIP - from its little bag. 

And it was gone. Seriously GONE. 

Only thing in the bag was some needles and a measuring tape.  Thinking back - I realised I had taken it out of the bag when my hubby drove us to work.  I must have left it on my lap, and when I jumped out of the passenger seat, it (possibly) fell out onto the roadway. 

I was three-quarters done - all that was left was the edging collar. The photo is from when I was half way through. The positive is that I still have two balls of the yarn left, so I only need to buy two more if I decide to start again. 

My 4 year old daughter was very philisophical when told of the missing knitting - 'Oh well, you can do it again mum'. 

Yes I can. And I will.

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