Saturday, 15 October 2011

Garden round up

The weather is warming up and the sun is shining today.  After weeks and weeks of cold Melbourne weather, I think we have finally turned the corner to Spring and Summer.  While I sit here, hubby is diligently  mowing the lawn. 

Our vegie garden is very bountiful - and over grown.  My plan for the weekend includes getting in there and weeding.  I also have some new pea and zucchini seedlings to plant out - heirloom seeds from Diggers.

My vegie garden October round up... purple podded Dutch pea plant seedlings, seedlings trays, first time figs, and flowering sage with 7ft broad bean plants in the background. 

The broad bean seeds are from my Nonno - he has been self selecting these seeds over many many years. My family and I will be travelling to Perth soon, for my father's 60th birthday party.  I must remember to take some photos of my Nonno's garden to show you.  He is an extraordinary gardiner, good at both flowers and vegetables.

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