Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Whirling - one a day week 3

This week has been a whirl – a birthday party dinner at my place, a fly in visit from my father, planting tomato and basil seedlings, studying for my university exams,  preparing for our holiday trip…and a bit of crocheting and knitting!

As a result I've been a very slack blogger - only lurking on other people's blogs, and not blogging myself.  Me bad!

I’ve got the hang of join as you go method for the African flowers.  I used this blog tutorial as a guide.  I’m now at the point where I’m crocheting a new African flower and joining it up – and ignoring those in my pile as the colours are not quite right at this point.  They should be ok for the reverse side.

I made sure to take this photo during morning daylight – making it a bit better on the colours.

Its two more sleeps until we fly off to Perth to visit my family.  Having an Italian heritage - I have a very, very large extended family over there.  My hubby always finds it a bit overwelming! There's going to be a big bbq for my father's 60th birthday with amazing food.  My daughter is the only grandchild and great grandchild - so she will be completely spoilt and the centre of attention, the best way to be.

We will be travelling down to Margaret River, staying in a mud brick cottage in a middle of the bush - for a mini holiday on our own. For those of you who aren't familiar with Margaret River - it's a relatively small town with amazing beaches, beautiful forests, great winerys and lovely food.

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  1. I really love your African Flowers, the way you make the colours flow from one to the next is wonderful. Hope you have a great break.

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Have a great holiday, Judy x


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