Monday, 28 January 2013

Planning and organising and lots of jam making

This week has been all about...

:: lots of jam making. I've made up 6 kg of nectartine jam in four days to ensure the cheeky parrots don't eat them all.

:: planning my daugther's return to school (uniforms, sticking name labels on stationary, and contemplating how her school lunches can be healthier).

:: thinking about what to do with Miss 5 on her last day before school (ideas include going to Lunar Park or the museum??).

::organising a reward chart to go on our fridge . Am thinking school starting will be a good time to set down some new rules (Miss 5's keen so far). New rules around TV watching, the use of our new Ipad, her chores (feeding the dogs), piano practice and doing her school work (which really only involves doing her reader every night as she is still only a grade oner!).

::buying some Stylecraft yarn from Deramores (with a nice 15% off). I've been wanting to embark on a new crochet blanket so I indulged myselft and bought the style pack that matches Lucy's Attic24 Granny Stripe Blanket. I sooo love online yarn shops.

::progressing on my Patchwork bag. I've joined the squares together and done the handles.

I'm stuck though on which fabric to use to line the bag. I have some vintage sheets that would be perfect, though I'm not sure I'm ready to get the scissors out and start cutting them! I'm sort of tempted to go with the pink and purple fabric (it's a light cordoroy) as no vintage sheet would then need to be cut! But the yellow floral fabric looks lovely too, as well has the pink on the right. My favourite is the green on the left....but its a double bed size and I'd really like to keep it intact.

Do you have a favourite? I'd love to get some advice on this as am seriously stuck.

Cheerio. Lori


  1. Love the look of all the jam..mmm I love homemade jam. I've tried the stylecraft yarn and its great, I've not tried the pack though so I'll be looking to see how you go with that. The bag is looking great! I love the green on the left as I think it compliments the bag's colours the best but I do so love opening a bag and seeing something totally unexpected and bright so think for that effect the pink and purple works best. Well thats my two and sixpence worth if its any use to you lol.

  2. I had to do a double take as I started reading your post to remember where you live as jam making for us in the northern parts is either very far past or very far in our future as we deal with the gloomies of a January winter. You jam looks delish and will delight you when your winter hits! Regarding your bag lining, I prefer the pink and purple!
    Have a lovely week-

  3. If you are not going to go with the green, use the pink on the other end..the less detail the off those squares.. I would never get any jam made as I would give everything over to the parrots..I'm a geeky bird person..I grow fruit just for the birds!


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