Tuesday, 24 July 2012

African flowers

My progress on my one a day project has been slow.  This is partly due to being busy doing other life stuff, and also cause I've been doing other crochet projects.

To get a bit of motivtion, I've pulled out a pillow fill I had in my cupboard, that is a perfect size for my african flower pillow. I've pinned it on, and am slowly joining up african flowers.

I've propped it up on my piano so you can see my progress so far....

I'm linking up with all the other one a day projects on Gingerbread Girls blog. You must go and check out some of them, maybe you'll find the inspiration for your next crafty work.


  1. The colors you have used for those African Flowers are really pretty, it's going to be a lovely cushion.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! African flowers are next on my list after I finish my scarf! :)
    Victoria xx

  3. How pretty is that pillow. It's absolutely amazing, I love the African flower motif, it's so versatile. I love the black edging it really makes the colours pop out

  4. It's lovely even as a WIP! I love the colour palette you used.

  5. I love the African Flower design, and yours is working up great!

    Where in Melbourne are you? I lived in Thornbury for a year, between the ages of 10-11.

  6. I love that moment when you stop making them and start joining (even if you aren't finished!!) Your African flowers are looking really lovely and they stand out so well against the black edging :)

  7. Vey pretty,I love the colours. Deb xxx

  8. Really lovely, I like it. I plan a pillow like yours is one of my next projekts. :-)
    Greetings from Germany.


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