Tuesday, 17 January 2012

One-a-day project

While I have been busy doing crochet, knitting and other general making projects, I have not been very good at documenting them on blog land. The lovely gingerbread girl has started up again with her one a day tuesday tallies, which has given me the gee up to do some blogging about what I've been doing.

Since I finished my previous giant granny square blanket I've been wanting to start a new crochet blanket project.  One that is BIG enough to fit a queen size bed. I stocked up on my latest favourite, affordable wool - Moda Vera 8ply - compliments of a sale at spotlight - and added it to the left over bits from my giant granny square blanket. All up I have 12 new colour balls, and 9 odds and ends - as well as many balls of white wool.

For the inspiration and pattern I've gone to Sols(tr)ikke, a norwegian blogger who does lovely crochet and knitting. I came across her blog a while back when I was searching for granny square blankets. Aren't the grannies adorable??? (though a bit out of focus)

Her pattern is easy to follow, and introduced me to the idea of doing double trebles in the corners of granny squares for a lovely effect.

So 19 done....many more to go.

Check out Gingerbread Girls blog, and see what other one-a-day activites have been going on. There's lots of new and interesting projects. 

It's late here, so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I'll check in with the other one-a-dayers and see what they've been up to. You should to!



  1. Hi!
    Very pretty granny squares! Love the treble crochet in the corners. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. That's a good start having 19 done already! Love the grannies you're using, they're adorable!

  3. Ooh lovely - I like the treble corners, Judy x

  4. Hi Lori... wow...look at all those prefect little circles! Beautiful colours...and 19 already made.. it is going to be fun seeing this one develop.. :)x

  5. Perfect color combination! Can't wait to see this one coming together.

  6. This is a lovely one a day, the colours are very pretty. I'll enjoy watching this one grow.

  7. I love this pattern, such gorgeous colours. I look forward to watching this grow.xxx

  8. very very pretty squares they are going to look amazing

  9. I like the trebels in the corners, too. I loook forward to seeing your progress.

  10. You are a dedicated granny squarer! Love the first one you had finished. The bits of orange are so fun. What a great start you have for this new project.

  11. Lovely colours, those squares are going to look wonderful together.

  12. Love your colour choice. the centre of your pattern is very similar to one I am doing. Can't wait to see your progress


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