Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tuesday tallies

The giant granny square blanket is done. Complete after 52 rounds. Now covered in wrapping paper, to be sent away for a christmas present.

The plan is for it to be a lap blanket as it measures (when comfortably sitting on a couch) perfectly covering one's lap and feet.  To be honest I couldn't bear for it to have been much bigger, and was quite pleased when I was running out of wool. I found this a tad boring, going round and round and round.
I decided not to block it and left it as is. There's some slight curling at the edges, but otherwise it sits nicely.  I've found this wool - Moda Vera by spotlight wonderful to crochet with.  And the border I've done simply with double crochet in the orange. I tried a few borders (picot and scalloped) and they all looked strange.  So left it with double crochet.

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  1. what a beautiful blanket and the colours are lovely and autumnal.

  2. Less is more :) The blanket is fabulous, I love the colours, so cosy and comforting.

  3. It looks wonderful the orange border is just perfect. I too love moda vera yarns all their yarns are beautiful. What a lovely present to receive. xx

  4. A stunning giant granny blanket...well done you...what a lovely present to give too :)x

  5. Wow you're all done! It's maybe a bit to nice to give away hahaha. The receiver is very lucky!

  6. It really looks gorgeous, there's something that makes me smile when I see a squishy folded blanket. What a very lucky person to receive this as a Christmas present.
    I think the orange border frames it beautifully.

  7. I love your colours, they match what I'm wearing! :-)


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