Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My one a day tally

Luckily for me my one a day project - the giant granny square blanket - is now a christmas present. So I've been busily crocheting round after round with only 10 days before I have to pop it in the post. 

I am up to 42 rounds, with each round now taking longer and longer.  The blanket will be done once I've run out of wool - which is about 10 rounds away.

My crochet time has been occupied with making christmas stuff and presents.

Please go check out Gingerbread girls blog for the latest updates on everyone's one-a-day projects.  I'm off to check them out now.



  1. Looks fantastic, just love the colours.

  2. Its beautiful, you can't beat a giant granny square blanket, they're the best. Love the colours.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! You have such patience to get up to this size. I think on mine I stopped after two feel.

  4. looking great. Awesome colour combination


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