Sunday, 4 September 2011

Crafty photo scavenger hunt

I've had a post-it note stuck on my fridge of the 5 items I needed to photograph for Leopard Anchor's crafty photo scavenger hunt.  And while I'm a couple of days late for my post for August - oops!- here it is.

Thanks to Kirsty for suggesting this idea, as I've enjoyed pulling this photo list together.  It gets me to look at things differently and encourages me to get the camera out and work on those skills.

So here we go....

1. daughter.  She loves putting bandaids on every sore she can find.

2. Something I made...Sissy the hand puppet. 

3. Motifs - rustic (more rusty) bird garden decoration

4. yarn basket!  Love those colours.  Please note those crocheted african flower hexagons tucked in the left hand corner.  My current crochet WIP.

And lastly,

5. Holiday/Vacation....well, no vacation to be had in mid-winter August, so instead we have a lovely photo of some romanesco broccoli (which is really more a cauliflower than a broccoli).

Because gardening in some sunshine is sort of like a holiday.

 Don't you think?

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