Saturday, 21 April 2012

Best birthday ever....

Last week, my daughter celebrated her fifth birthday, along with 9 other girls and 1 boy from her class. She described it as the BEST birthday ever....which made me feel pretty proud. I did everything possible to make it the best (like staying up till 1am the night before so the cake was just right!). By the end of the day the adrenalin stopped pumping and I crashed with exhaustion.

 A kiddie birthday party was a wonderful excuse for me to finally do some of those crafty projects I've been dieing to do....with bunting being at the TOP of the list.

So, my crafting began with some bunting. I got my inspiration for the bunting from this tutorial. The best tip in the tutorial was to use fabric sash (the tutorial calls it twill?) to string the bunting flags together. It made it much easier and neater. 

The birthday cake came from the Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book - which was first published in 1980 and recently re-released.

When my daughter and I flipped through the pages together she chose a Dolly Vardin cake. I was pretty excited by this choice as one must bake a Dolly Vardin cake once in your life...surely. We had a lovely day trip to Melbourne to a specialist cake decorating shop. They had cake stuff piled up wall to wall.  It was absolute heaven to be there.

While it may look like a complex cake to make, it was very, very easy. I used a packet cake mix, some lovely Vienna cream icing (pink of course) and some edible glitter. And the doll is dressed in Barbie's air steward jacket - giving her a bit of a glamorous appeal.

The party was great easter egg hunt, pony rides, a craft activity of making Easter bunny ears, face painting (by an auntie), as well as the usual kiddie games of pass the parcel and sit-down-Sunday.  My husband joked that all we needed was a clown and it would have rivalled a small country fair! Oh well. In my family we do these crazy, over the top kiddie birthday parties once every three or four years, so I won't need to do another for a while yet.

The food included fairy bread, cocktail franks with sauce, little cupcakes and sandwiches.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday party. My little lady is turnInh five in a couple of months and I'm looking forward to organising her little tea party :) I'm pleased your daughter had 'the best birthday ever'


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