Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One a day tally

Having just come back from my holidays and being in the middle of university exams - I've made no progress on my African flower hexagons.  When on holidays, I only took with me my knitting WIP, and my crochet hooks.  I didn't want to be lugging around a bag of wool.

I was about three days into my holidays when I made a whirlwind visit to Spotlight - to buy some wool for my new crochet project.
I've been banging on about wanting to start crocheting a new blanket - so now its a giant granny square blanket.

Travelling in a car for hours, relaxing at our holiday cottage, and having cups of tea with my nonna provided me with lots of time to crochet.

This is where I'm up to - 26 rounds.  This will be my second one-a-day project.  My intention is to do one round each day.  Some how I lost the dark green wool ball in my travels. It's now replaced so I can get back at it.

My original intention was for this blanket to be our couch blanket.  But it may end up being a present for someone. I will see how I feel about it once completed.

I'm also working on some Christmas decorations.  Last year I did some of those lovely bauble decorations from Attic24.  I loved making them, and intend on doing some more this year too.

Have you got any Christmas projects planned?

Please have a look at some of the other one-a-day projects over at Gingerbread Girl. I'm looking forward to seeing how much progress everyones made while I've been off-line on holidays.



  1. I love your new project! lovely rustic colours.

  2. Your new blanket is lovely, those colours look great. I really like the orange and dark green together.
    I want to make some of those baubles this year, were they easy to make?
    I think I may have started to many Christmassy project this year, they may continue till next year!!

  3. Welcome back!I love the orange in your giant granny...it is a lovely colour combination!..Good luck with the exams too :)x

  4. Your giant granny is very pretty. It's very therapeutic isn't it doing a granny square? They seem to grow before your eyes.

  5. Hi!
    Your blanket is pretty, love all those colors your using. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  6. Oh a Giant Granny is such a nice, quick project! This one is going to be lovely too.

  7. What a wonderful, cheerful blanket. How fun to buy yarn.
    Have you heard of Biggan Design? I met the creator at the Interweave Knitting Lab conference here in California. Her yarns are of such beautiful colors and oh gosh the wool super soft.

  8. I love buying new yarn it's the best part of starting a new project :) Your giant granny looks great!!

  9. Ooh gorgeous colours - must put a granny square on my to do list, Judy x

  10. Yes, lovely. I like the colours. Looks nice and warm.

  11. What gorgeous colours you picked for your giant granny square. I must make some of those baubles too, they are so pretty :)

  12. Lovely autumny colours for your giant granny square. You've made very fast progress too!

    I'm doing some crochet decorations for a decoration swap I'm involved in. Can't post pics until the swap is sent and received, but I think they're cute! I'd like to do some of Lucy's baubles too if I have time.

  13. Love your colour choices. As balls of wool they are ok but they really do look great together as stripes. I would never have picked those colours to go together.

    Really wish I could just look at wool and pick colours that go so well together - I just end up copying other people's choices!


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