Monday, 29 August 2011

Seaman's scarf

A few weeks ago I finished this lovely scarf.  It has been crocheted from superwash merino 4ply, a lovely and soft yarn that's very easy to use.
The scarf has a ribbed neck, which is done by working sc into the back loop only.  The lace section is done with treble clusters.  The pattern is from this wonderful book which contains lots and lots of crochet scarf patterns, all in wonderful designs using different techniques.

I'm pretty pleased with the result.  The colour is an iced teal (the colour doesn't come up well in the photo).

My current WIP is a another scarf - using fine kid yarn.  More on that later.

What's your current project?


  1. I love this, would like to have a go at one myself! I love your granny square blanket too, beautiful colours and obviously a real labour of love. I liked your post about spring coming, it's just the opposite over here in the UK - I can smell autumn on the morning air. Maybe that's why I want to make a scarf so badly! :)

  2. Yes, making a scarf is a real winter thing isn't it. Its nice making something both practical and beautiful. And everyone always notices the nice handiwork :)


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